Tower 28 Beauty Holiday Drip 2023 Collection Flatlay of Lip Drip Duo, Tower 28 x DEUX Cookie Butter Drip on a wooden chair.
  • [Shared: Tower 28 Beauty's Holiday Drip Gift Box which includes a light purple Comfy®, a pair of white crew socks with orange details, Deux Cookie Butter Drip, and Lip Drip Duo.] [Shared]
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    Holiday Drip Gift Box

    Exclusive Gift Set

  • 4oz [Tower 28 Beauty SOS Rescue Spray in 4oz]
    1oz [Tower 28 Beauty SOS Rescue Spray in 1oz]
    Refill [Tower 28 Beauty SOS Rescue Spray in Refill size]
    [Shared: Tower 28 Beauty SOS Rescue Spray in 1oz, 4oz, and 12 oz]

    SOS Rescue Spray

    Toner Treatment with Hypochlorous Acid

    4 OZ / 120 ML
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  • [Shared: Tower 28 Beauty's light purple and white fleece Comfy®] [Shared: A collage of images showing two models lounging in Tower 28 Beauty x Comfy® Originals comfy and enjoying Tower 28 Beauty x Deux Cookie Butter Drip.]

    Tower 28 x Comfy® Original

    Wearable Blanket That Feels Like a Hug

  • [Shared] [Shared: Two models wearing the Tower 28 Beauty MakeWaves™ Mascara in Jet]
    Save $8

    MakeWaves™ Mascara Set

    Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara

  • [Shared]

    T28 x STUDS Earring

    Reversible Flatback Stud Earring (Singular).


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