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Gift Card

Gift Card

$15.00 : Digital Giftcard

Terms + Conditions

The Tower 28 Gift Card (“Gift Card”) is provided as a unique code redeemable at Tower 28’s website. Valid for online purchases in the USA and Canada. Gift Card has no expiration date and no service fees. Cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent, except as required by law. Cannot be used as payment on an account or to purchase Gift Cards. Promotional offers, discounts and store credits cannot be applied to the purchase of Gift Cards, and purchases of Gift Cards cannot be used to satisfy promotional thresholds. Treat Gift Card like cash; Tower 28 is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards, except as follows: If your Gift Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact customer support at Unredeemed value on lost or stolen Gift Cards will only be replaced if purchaser's confirmation email is presented as proof of purchase and we confirm the Gift Card has not already been redeemed in full. Gift Card can be cancelled prior to the delivery date selected during the order process by contacting customer support at Refunds for cancelled Gift Cards are subject to deductions in for any value which has been redeemed. Gift Cards are void if copied (other than for the purpose of making a back-up of your own Gift Card details), resold or otherwise obtained or used in violation of these terms. We may, where we have reason to suspect fraud or breach of these terms (for example where we’ve been notified a Gift Card has been lost, or where it otherwise seems likely to have been misappropriated, from the appearance of the Gift Card or other circumstances) request evidence, where appropriate, to confirm you are the purchaser or intended recipient of the Gift Card before we accept it. Further, use of Gift Cards for unauthorized advertising, marketing or other promotional purposes associated with the Tower 28 brand is strictly prohibited.

Please ensure that the recipient's spam filter does not block emails from To check your Gift Card balance, email Purchase and use of Gift Card constitutes acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions, including’s Terms of Use. Issued by Tower 28 Beauty, Inc in the US and Canada.

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Gift Card