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What They Didn't Teach You in Science Class about HOCl

by T 28 |

You’re stuck. You’ve done countless Google searches for “skincare products for acne” or “skincare products for eczema” and have painstakingly plowed through every result. You have a drawer full of rejects and it feels like nothing works. We’ve all been there. You don’t have to wave your white surrender flag at the skin gods anymore. Prepare to be introduced to the holy grail for anyone who with psoriasis, acne, eczema, sensitivity or really just skin at all!

SOS is here! You're probably wondering, what makes this product different? Four simple letters answer that question: HOCl, is THE active ingredient in SOS.  But what is it?

HOCl (or hypochlorous acid if you want to sound like a fancy scientist) is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in white blood cells that fights bacteria and protects the skin. Through a process of combination called electrolysis, scientists combine natural ingredients like water and salt to transform them into this powerhouse compound.  Your body (and your brain) knows what to do with it because it’s naturally occurring in your immune system. Just like eating a daily multivitamin chew to improve bodily wellness, HOCl formulas can be used topically to boost skin health and healing. So yes, it is 100% natural and the perfect skincare ingredient for sensitive skin.

A rule of thumb: if it's irritated, HOCl can help! Acne, eczema, sunburns, rashes and angry piercings are prime examples of when HOCl can work its soothing magic. HOCl is a two-for-one ingredient: it soothes the skin and purifies it by fighting bacteria and also repairs and regenerates damaged skin. It also works as a great preventative measure that can clean post-makeup or post-workout skin by unclogging pores and ridding your face of harmful toxins.  

What are you waiting for? No more of those overpriced products with dozens of ingredients and that claim to do everything while doing nothing. SOS is here to save the day.

**Hot tip: Breathe easy!  SOS brings oxygen to the skin!

About the Author

Jessa Glassman is a Los Angeles born and raised high-school student who spends her time writing for her school newspaper and competing nationally at debate tournaments. She loves listening to music of all genres, trying out new recipes, playing Candy Crush, and watching old movies.