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My Relationship With Beauty

by T 28 |

Skin positivity, natural beauty, self-confidence.  Easier said than done, right?

In my journey toward self-love, social media has been a double-edged sword. Opening up Instagram I find my feed full of flat tummy beach babes with perfectly wavy hair and smooth, glowing skin. This is not a new concept -  say “beauty standards” three times and every girl’s worst nightmare will appear. But, IMHO, the current generation of girls is facing the mother of all pressures to look a certain way. Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Tumblr, TikTok: the list goes on and on. Growing up in LA, these models and influencers were never just pictures on my phone. They were people I saw shopping at the mall, neighbors and even friends in my classes at school.

Realizing that my self worth is not tied to the number of followers I have or likes or comments I get is hard. But, once I really nailed in my head the reasons why these are flawed and unhealthy social media habits, I felt free. There is one important thing I learned from this lifestyle change that sounds like a Tumblr inspirational quote but could not be more true: love and take care of yourself, no matter what.

To start, I try to avoid toxic products (and toxic people!).  Cleaning out my makeup bag was a first step.  I used to cake on layers of full coverage foundation to cover my rosy cheeks and teen breakouts: but, choosing makeup for sensitive skin both helped improve my irritation and make me more comfortable in embracing a more authentic and healthy version of myself.  

There is no instruction manual for how to add a little Kanye to your self confidence. Regardless of the products you use, having the willingness to undergo a major shift in perspective is a prerequisite to accepting yourself for who you truly are, frizzy hair, blemishes and all.

About the Author

Jessa Glassman is a Los Angeles born and raised high-school student who spends her time writing for her school newspaper and competing nationally at debate tournaments. She loves listening to music of all genres, trying out new recipes, playing Candy Crush, and watching old movies.